The time has (finally) come...Whether medical or recreational, the majority of people in the US (over 200 million) now live in states with legal access to cannabis and its derivatives


Besides the relief/pleasure it brings to millions and the positive impact on our justice system, cannabis legalization creates a huge opportunity for both established CPG companies and start-ups/entrepreneurs


While most established CPG companies are great at doing consumer research, they typically have little knowledge of the complex and evolving cannabis category and its consumers. And successful research with CannaConsumers requires specific expertise

Cannabis start-ups typically know a lot about their category, but often usually come up short when it comes to consumer research. Often, they've been successful to date without any consumer research. But working off of gut and intuition (and distribution) will only get you so far


As in CPG, the companies that best understand and act on consumer research and feedback will be the ones who win in the marketplace -- because they better understand the needs of their consumers and are able to evaluate and prioritize a much greater universe of ideas in order to bring their very best to market