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At Radium, nothing is more important to us than you and your company's success.

Below you can see just a handful of the over 100 top FMCG/CPG companies that Dr. Crowe has consulted with over the course of his career - helping launch many successful innovations, laser-focused segmentations, and actionable brand insights across Food, Beer, Spirits, QSR, Personal Care, OTC, and many other categories.

But don't let our pedigree dissuade you -- we are all about bringing the power of consumer research to the people! Whether you are working out of your home, a loft, or a glittering edifice in the sky, Radium works for you.

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Dr. Crowe is one of the most innovative thinkers I've worked with in market research who transformed our idea testing, concept testing, and feature evaluation methodologies. Always accessible, he turned things that could have been complicated into easily understandable packages, perfect for promoting to my clients.

Robert Cole, Vice President @ Ipsos Marketing

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