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Radium offers a broad array of services to:

  1. help you when you need help...or expert advice

  2. help you gain a deep and rich understanding of your consumers

  3. help you and your company achieve growth

Whatever your consumer research need, Radium is here for you...

  • Applied Behavioral Science

  • Brand, Line and Category Management

  • Idea & Concept Writing

  • CannaConsumer Training

  • Claim Development

  • Consumer Segmentation

  • Innovation & NPD

  • Meta-Analysis

  • Packaging Development

  • Psychology of Consumers

  • Research Design


Someone out on leave, or not enough bandwidth to handle all of your projects?


  • Project Management

  • Supplier Selection & Management

  • Questionnaire & Design

  • Insight Development and Report Writing

  • Client Management

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Innovation and NPD


What are your most pressing and most challenging  consumer questions?

How can you gain insight into the implicit mind of your consumer?

How do you win at retail, and what is your shoppers' journey?

How can you make the most compelling innovations and messaging for your brand?


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