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Religiosity is the Strongest Predictor of Attitudes Towards Cannabis Legalization

As Illinois decides whether or not to legalize recreational cannabis, Radium Research has partnered with national market data firm Consumer Research Around Cannabis to understand what demographic and behavioral characteristics are most predictive of one’s attitude toward legalization in Greater Chicagoland,

Over 1,500 people were surveyed by Consumer Research Around Cannabis. Radium Research then conducted advanced multivariate analytics to find the key drivers of attitudes and consumer traits.

Out of all of the 15 factors we looked at (including age, ethnicity, income, etc.) the single strongest predictor of support/opposition was “religiosity” – the frequency which people went to religious services.

However, the impact of religiosity was moderated by individual behavior involving legal substance use (alcohol and tobacco), as well as education, employment, and political affiliation.

Take a look at the results in our infographic...they're fascinating. Essentially, the stronghold of opposition to cannabis is a relatively small group of people who view it as an issue of "morality."

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